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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 19, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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combed the three lanes and shoulders for spent cases from bullets. the shooting occurred just after 1:00. the lanes were reopened about two hours later. northbound 85 lanes remained open. the officer was wearing a jacket over his uniform, investigators don't think he was being targeted because of military status. the sheriff's office is handling this case. >> he pulls over and quickly discovers that he's been shot at, more than once, multiple times by someone on the freeway or on the side of the freeway well. haven't confirm that had yet. the officer was not injured. we don't have any suspect information at this time. >> the biggest challenge now for investigators is locating a witness because they don't have a suspect description orv a vehicle used in this shooting. again, the shooting occurred just after 1:00 this afternoon, and the sheriff's office is asking for the public's help. etc. not known if shots came
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from an adjacent lane or greater distance. now, though the shooter is still at large, the sheriff's office is assuring everyone that the public is safe driving along highway 85. they should in the pan crick but they're trying to find that shooter.fdew we're live in cupertino, abc 7 news. >> thank you. again, investigators put out a call for help, something anyone who was driving around the time of the shooting which they're now saying is 101 this afternoon to call if you saw anything unusual. we have more on what's happening right now with the investigation. >> right z happening now, the marine recruiter andj[ómç superr officers are inside talking with investigators. they have been doing that for a few hours now. so it's they're trying to solve this case, collecting evidence, focusing on a couple fronts. if you take a look at video,
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you can see one source of evidence, that is the government-issued car, the marine officer was driving. sky 7 hd was overhead when the sheriff's office had that vehicle towed from the location why officers pulled or over on deanza boulevard to a yard for processing. the bullets, the trajectry is being reviewed and gathered. the recruiter sk questioned at length rartding his activities, who he may have encountered and what, if anything he saw as he came under fire on highway 85 today. deputies told us that multiple rounds were fired, and thr shattered windows, marine officer was fortunate he was not injured and you can take that further because all of this happened on busy highway 85 so not only did that marine
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keep his cool, he kept the vehicle on the road, no one else was hurt in this incident. as my colleague indicated, the sheriff's office is asking for anyone with information to contact the sheriff's office. >> thank you. a south bay preschool under lock down most of the day after a burglary suspect ran from police. police asked good samaritan preschool to lock its doors and keep students inside class rooms are. officers pulled over a car believed to have been involved in a series of home burglaries. two people inside were detain bud a third man ran, triggering the neighborhood search and school lock down. the person has in the been found. >> in son noma county four schools lked down when a teacher reported seeing a man with a scarf over his face, carrying what appeared to be a rifle in his coat. half an hour late yes, deputies found a man and discovered he was carrying a cane.
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>> when the president announced formation of a task force on gun violence today, he cited not only school tragedy in connecticut but communities where shootings occur on a daily basis. a case in point is the bay view district, again riddled by gunfire overnight. carolyn? >> unfortunately, violence in the bay view is an ongoing challenge but steams to be on the rise that. is what several community leaders tell us. the mayor has a new strategy he hopes will bring peace to the streets. not everyone is optimistic. >> came through the window here. >> the bullet shattered glass and another lodged in his neighbor's window. according to police, several rounds were fire bid someone early this morn lg morning. >> a lot ofdt/ñ homeowners are shaken and rattled by what happened. >> he says there has been an uptick in gang violence is drug dealing, perhaps most
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dangerous block in bay view. this afternoon a officer searched for shell casings and talked about efforts to reduce crime. >> this is to detear any of the worse stuff. >> the mayor says there is a citywide strategy. >> the big i is interrupt behavior, we're funding program that's, and having police do tactics interrupt the things, particularly with
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patrick hatcher is ak-é4 ro prose feror n libya in 2008, the consulate was on the fifth floor of a hotel. >> well, anyone could come up into those elevateors so they couldn't just jump off the elevator go back down again. >> the compound was an improvement over that, but it was still classified as a unlike modern for tress like u.s. embassy skptz report says temporary status played if a role in denial. >>1h0j8 there is problems and wn they're very, very large as the state department is now with this reach that is global, that things will, if you want to use the old cliche, fall between cracks. >> the report says there were plenty of u.s. military forces available by land and sea but they could not make it in time
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to-to-make a difference saying the whole thing was over in 20-30 minutes. ama, layero? >> thank you. >> moving on to weather, you now, we've got rain on the way. sandhya coming up with the forecast. >> that is right. and live doppler 67 will be tracking storms soon. i'll shol you timing of it and how cold goitsing to get tonight, coming up. >> also, here tonight the bay area> also, an east bay business answering a call of the holiday sweet tooth. a made in america treat that is now filling cookie jars around the world. >> dear president obama, what are youalu÷ with you going to do about gangs? >> and mail to the chief. the thoughtful
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his family calls it a mira ke. recovery of a young man in a month long coma after being shot in the head in san francisco. we told you about him at thaiflg. he took his first steps, today, vic lee visited him again in a story you'll see only on 7. >> benjiman had been going through physical therapy since coming home from the the hospital two weeks ago. the 21-year-old says he's doing the fine for the most part. >> can you try to jump forward a little bit? >> yes. >> his physical therapist says quick recovery is remarkable,,3 he still has problems with his
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function autos problem solving, sequencing events for your daily activities that, kind of thing. it's normally the most difficult to get back. >> just watching him doing this is amazing. tesa just came out of a tomorrowa about a -- coma about a month ago. shot in the head on the weekend after halloween. police arrested a suspect who has been charged with four counts after tempted murder, investigators say he was shot after he tried to prevent lee from making unwanted advances toward his girlfriend. his wound so severe, doctors gave him only a 25% chance of survival. when we first saw him just before thanksgiving, he had uttered his first words to his mother. >> i told him could you say hi mom? he said "hi mom" it and brought me to tears.[mws >> this is stronger. >> we also witnessed the young money taking steps since
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coming out of a coma. >> this is a miracle child because of what he went through, what we understood of that injury is that you don't survive. >> he has to wear a helmet because a portion of his skull is still missing. doctors will fuse it back in the summer. his memory is blotchy, but coming become. he remembers what happens at the party but nothing after that when attacks happened. >> i took pictures with my girlfriend on the phone. i looked at those again. and i remembered where, you know what happened and stuff like that. >> for he and his family, every step he takes is a small, but significant, victory. >> a politician is taking aim at the president of the california public utilities commission for supposed by using ratepayer moneyínto fund
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his projects. asking granting lawrence livermore lab for research. saying he pressured to apply for the grant without review. >> what do they intend to do with the money? we don't know what. we do know is that president peavy developed a plan, assigned himself to oversee it's progress through the commission, and will tomorrow, cast a vote on it. >> hill subordinate legislation to try to stop such skpaxz will require prop proposals to undergo merit review. >> a sea plane brought santa claus to one north bay town today. >> it's a lng flight from the north pole. >> that, it s santa made a pay a visit to 40 youngsters
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bringing a bag of books and toys. the kids part of the8swkw performing stars of marin program helping kids get involved in the arts. the plane came from sea plane adventures flown in by santa and its owners. >> santa has been working on his voice a little bit. >> that is an authentic santa. santa will not need an um brel why. >> looking good so far. >> looking great for santa. weather will be nice and cooperate. but we do have rain, wind to talk b a wind advisory issued by the national weather service z i'll tell you when that goes into affect. as you look at a live picture, looking across the bay towards san francisco, it's clear. crystal clear, as a matter of fact heading into another chilly night. you'll notice here, clear skies right now, dry air mass so it will be cold, again. here where the records for
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morning. san rafael with a record 32, also a tie, and salinas, broke a previous record coming in at 30 degrees. and what check out the temperatures right now. getting cold, 40 degrees in fairfield already. here are the highlights. freezing cold, morning frost, again. rin if the north tomorrow night. wet, windy for friday. make sure have you extra layers on. bundle up kids. it's going to be frigid. napa down to 28 degrees, frosty cold in fairfield. 31 vallejo. 33 in santa rosa, fremont. 30 degrees in livermore. you'll feel the chill. it's going to be another frosty, cold morning. high pressure here keeping us dry throughout the evening and into part of tomorrow. another freezing cold night with clear skies ahead. higher readings compared to this morning. we do have a slow-moving storm
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coming out of the gulf of alaska. it will be bringing us wet, windy weather tomorrow morning at[fg 5:00 a.m. rain still to the north of us, morning commute is fine. it's going to be cold. by 5:00 p.m. rain is in ukiah starting to approach the north bay there. santa rosa starting to see rain tomorrow night. the rest of the north bay. by friday morning 5:00 a.m. commute does not look good. yellow indicating moderate rainfall getting heavy. 7:00 a.m. friday, it looks newscast yes for friday. behind the front we'll notice the rain switching over to showers. and this may be cold enough to seat possibility of rain, snow mix heading into saturday so snow levels coming down, again. sun breaking through by saturday morning when all is said and done, rainfall totals throughout saturday morning up to five inches in the north bay. two to four inches north bay. three quarters to an inch and
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a half. and santa cruz mountains up to three inches so yes, minor flooding is a possibility heading into the weekend. you can see downed trees and power lines. wind advisory is thursday through friday. gusts up to 50 pirp. watch out for downed trees and power lines into that time period. now, winter storm watch for sierra two to five feet of snow above 4,000 this is friday morning through sunday morning with winds, chain controls and travel delays likely. tomorrow afternoon, upper 40s to 50s and mostly sunny skies except in the north bay. winter is here friday morning we headwwoa into:12 in the morg will be wet, windy, rain for the weekend if you have last minute holiday shopping carry umbrellas. we'll clear it out in time for christmas day. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a high interest story every parent should see.
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san francisco moving ahead
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with a safety plan aimed at stopping an increase in fatal pedestrian accidents. the mayor unveiled details of a new strategy aiming to reduce injuries and fatalities by 25% within next four years. to do that, crosswalks will beoy upgraded speed limits around school zones lowered to 15 miles per hour. more red light cameras installed. >> if we can ask anyone of the walking public we're in love with our devices now but as we walk, we need to be mindful and looking up, paying attention. >> yes. look up. the police department will target the intersections where wth five highest totals in each district. 19 people have been killed on san francisco streets this year, surpassing last year's totals. >>tyqf mark clause, whose daughr was kidnapped from her petaluma bid room and killed is endorsing a watch that has a gps locator built into it and a panic button dialing 911
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in an emergency. >> we wanted to make sure that we can make children as safe as possible. and today, children play in neighborhoods, and they walk to, from school z they're at risk, unfortunately because there are predators out there. so today we say enough is enough. and we've designed a technology not only locating them, but keep them where they're safe. >> the watch can alert you when your child goes into a dangerous place. it's called leo watch and will be available for $200. >> the president promising swift action in the aftermath of the connecticut tragedy. a solution involving more than just gun control. >> a new stalemate over tax hikes and spending cuts. a potential impact that could send the country over the fiscal cliff. >> zero dark thirty. the hunt for osama bin laden. our don sanchez liked it but it's not winning awards on capitol hill.
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the president has announced a task force to take on the job of tightening gun controls. will head the group. é@m?çatthews is here with week we've been hearing gun control activists calling for tighter controls and some gun rights members are joining them. the president promised action on several fronts. >> the president started by saying this task force will produce change into is not something where folks are going to be studying for six months and publishing a report. that gets read, then... push add side. >> the president wants congress to vote next year on an assault weapons ban. a ban on high capacity clips and closing the gun show loophole so that all gun buyers will be subject to background checks. he wants recommendation goesing beyond gun control. >> we're going to need to take a look at a culture that often
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glorifies guns and violence. and any actions we musti tx tae must begin inside of the home and hearts. >> the president is counting on this moment of heighten add wareness to shift the gun control debate. >> if this week has done anything, should give us perspective. >> this is quieting criticism from gun control advocates, this congress woman's husband she said the president is providing leadership. >> we'll follow the president's commission on education, mental health, and all of the thing that's need to be done to keep us safe. >> also, weighing in today, senator boxer,. >> whoever says this is not the right time, i say this. when is the right time? >> and house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> it's complicated and hard. :n7iut can get the job done. >> since shooting on friday, the leading gun rights organization has not commented.
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but a news conference is scheduled -- scheduled for friday. the president says he's road nra is an organization that has members who are mothers and fathers. >> the shooting in newtown set the scene for rewriting the rules. we'll have a better idea about the depth of the debate when the national rifle association holds a conference on friday. >> do you think it's safe to say we'll get a ban on assault weapons? i heard someone you don't need an ak 15 to go huntding. >> hunting is not the issue. people use guns for a lot of other things. people buying guns because they think they need to be protected from the government. you snow. >> that is a different story. >> not just hunting but saying the second amendment says the right to form a militia it's a different topic. >> right right. >> not just about hunting. >> as for the debate, sure :añ set for getting some changes. >> thank you, mark. >> yes. >> political ranker returned
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to washington in the effort to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. the president saying he's prepared to do tough things for a deal. the latest offer extending tax cuts to everybody making less than $400,000 a year up from his original offer. two sides now just hundred billion dollars apart. >> idea that we would put our economy at risk because you can't bridge that gap doesn't make sense. >> house speaker john boehner not happy about the lack of progress and he's going to put plan b up for a vote tomorrow, extending cuts to everybody making under $1 million per year. >> president will have a decision to make. and can call on democrats to pass that bill, or, he can be responsible for the largest tax increase in american history. >> the president says it's a waste of time and he's going to veto it. he and the speakervç?ñ have les
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than two weeks to reach a deal before tax hikes and spending cuts kick in. >> the fiscal cliff developments brought a stock market rally to a halt.÷bd/ dow jones lost 98 points ora cell rose to its highest point in a year and a half today. after forecasting good software sales for next year. one san francisco school got more that be it expected this afternoon. 51 new#+kp computers dropped of at international studies academy, replacements for those stolen in october. a local marketing agency named silver fox heard about the theft and donated the money. the head of solar fox says employees chipped in and used funds meant for client gifts to buy computer autos south korea elected a female president. she won 5% of the vote saying the peoples desire to overcome
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crisis and rescue the economy that got her elected. some watched the returns, she says he taught her how to speak english in south korea. >> she was a daughter of a powerful president but she acted like a common girl. of a common people. you know? never as total powerful president. >> she is hegú seized control in 1961. both and he his wife assassinated in 1970 autos coming up next an east bay business answers call of the holiday sweet tooth. >> a treat that is now filling >> a treat that is now filling cook with my keurig vue brewer,
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i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? inside the brewer, there's this train that makes coffee stronger, bigger, and hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew what you love with the keurig vue.
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now, our contribution to the made in america series fchl your sweet tooth is calling you this holiday season there is a business that can answer it, as abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman tells us too good gourmet is a business with a long reach.
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>> jason golden fleece, glenn wong wants holiday cookie deal autos $2. how about this house? packaging is worth more than that. >> it begins to explain a daily frenzy at too good gourmet. it's a fantasy land of the bright, cheerful, tasty and obsessed. >> yes.q÷< she came saturday, sunday, and monday. >> merry christmas. >> blame it on the marketing instincts of jennifer finley that. is her with the cookies on the desk. >> it began as trying to do one better than animalynauuú cracker. >> a woman earns mba, learns business, then starts a cookie company because she wanted something to market and sell.
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>> just go for it. go do it. see if it works. then, change and then, try again zúo÷ fail again, try agai. >> the concept tasty cookies with home grown house created packaging. >> i think people are impulsive. and... they see something they like, they want to buy it. >> not that jennifer and the package designer see eye to eye. >> look at that. >> if there is a less than snefr. >> not when a company turns out a quarter million cookies every day. >> the world wants to buy u.s. food wex have to increase the made in usa symbol. >> so for a world with a boss works the way some of us eat cookies. >> she never stops.
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>> sorry. >> you can't help it, can you? >> i can't. no. >> and the cookies keep coming. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> cookies are good, too. coming up, leading lawmakers raising occasions to the new osama bin laden movie. >> mail to the chief. students write to the president and the
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senators dianne feinstein and john mccain describing the new movie zero dark thirty as inaccurate and misleading. >> it's the story for the hunt for osama bin laden, voted year's best film by new york film critic autos let's see what don sanchez thinks of the movie in tonight's review. >> biggest manhunt in history. the search for osama bin laden. one woman discovers a courier is the path to the september
6:44 pm
11th mastermind. >> jessica chastain as the cia agent on track to find the terrorist. >> is that who i think it is? >> wrong directions, pressure. >> we're spending billions of dollars and no closer to defeating the enemy. >> there may be hollywood embellishments in the movie but it's unrelenting and nudging is qlosd over. like tore toour. -- torture. >> not your friend no. going to help you. i want to break you. >> a lot of this is explicit, tough to watch. it's a film opening with horrific 169 calls on september 11th. and wendz a moment of truth and uncertain world we face today.
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this film is going to revive the debate about effectiveness of torture -- torture. water boarding sequences are graphic. there is a step by step search that is almost clinical. the third third of the film is taut, suspenseful and emotional. the film is unforgetable. one of the best of the year. very to give it a full bucket. and we'll see you on the aisle. >> if you had a chance to talk to the president, what would you ask him? students from schools around the bay area writing him letters sharing hopes for the future. >> the letters written to the president start out with a simple salutation. what follows are examples of a child's curiosity. like do you wear a suit every day? do you play angry birds?
6:46 pm
and questions adult woz lake to ask. >> how do you feel about romney lose something do you feel sad for him? >> the fifth graders in san francisco are participating in a program called mail to the chief that is organized by hand writing with out tears to encourage students to get interested in government. >> anything that you want to write is fine. okay? it's your letter. >> students have been interested in what's happening in their communities, and around the world and they're not holding backoñ. what are you going to do good b.gangs? i can name five people who have been shot and killed. maybe start more programs to get kids out of gangs. wrufr in a gang? >> despite being young, they're not afraid to share hopes for the future. >> dear president barack obama do you think a woman would be president? are you going to help animals
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on the endangered species list sni think you should, or else they will die. >> i think you should give more money to schools to do plays, field trips, projects and give more education. >> if you think about it this is the generation going to be taking care of us and so... it's important that they understand and have a world view and feel like they can make a difference. >> she wants the president to know how higher taxes would impact her family. >> my many mom has to pay a lot of money because she got golt got to get a lot of food for me and my sibling autos they are writing letter was requests for the president. give us puppies and as president, you should wear jeans. the letters will be mailed out before the holidays, and while students know the president is pretty busy, they do expect him to respond.
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>> please take your time and write back. you've been a helpful president. i think you will have a big impact on our country. >> sealed, signed, soon to be delivered. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> those kids are dorable. >> they are. >> innocence of youth. >> i know. do you feel sorry for romney? >> i don't think he's sorry for romney. sorry for us, it's so cold outside. >> so fragile, larry. good evening, live doppler 7 showing you clear skies. that means another cold night is ahaechld tomorrow, snow up in the northern california mountains. we're looking at winter storm warnings for that area. 50 in chico. 51 in eureka heading towards yosemite, 44 degrees tordz southern california, los angeles, sunshine, 65 degrees, here in the bay area, it will be sunny skies except in the north bay. partly cloudy skies isj çñ where rain will first arrive. possible snow around mountains of clear lake, evening rain for north bay, thursday, we
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won't see winds kicking up into friday. so wind advisory thursday, 10:00 p.m. to friday, 4:00 a.m. watching you out for gusting winds, up to 50 miles per hour. that is when the stormiest periods going to be friday morning looking at the accu-weather forecast, for the morning commute does not look good. periods of rain saturday into sunday. early showers possible christmas eve then, christmas day, dry. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you sandhya i'm in for dan. shu in for me. you're in beast mode. >> i am. i told you i was wearing black pin stripes, 49ers can clinch nfc westreur but it ain't goingo be easy. the niners defense trying to shut
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niner was a win over seattle, coming off a win over patriots.
6:53 pm
49ers defense will have their hands full with russell wilson but running back, marshon lynch. there is a ground and pound offense, they call him the beat. will take a team effort to bring had this guy down to earth. >> start running. runs with low gravity. it makes more than one person to bring him down, you know? it's great to him. but we know that as a defense that we can't, expect one forn mick a play. you know? we never do. >> it's any time you go like that. you're going bring it into play. we have a game any time you bring that into play. they can run through arm tackles. it's going to be a physical game. >> raiders travel to carolina winding down a disappointing season. the team is now in audition mode for a roster spot next season.
6:54 pm
the gm and head coach will be evaluating the next two weeks but they realize it takes years to get everyone on the same page on both sides of the ball. >> when there is a new staff, you know it's going take a while to get comfortable. you've got to understand that good, or bad plays, everything is given a chance to learn to figure out how to get better. >> stanford football coach to a new long term contract extension, in the second year of a four year deal. and terms rft contract not released by the school. the coach took over for harbaugh in 2011. cardinals will face wisconsin in the rose bowl january 1. he told me this is a dream job, he's here as lng as they'll have him.
6:55 pm
and collin cappernicknamed player of the year by the nfc. 5-year-old sarah redden is a fan breaking out her cap wrap. ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . >> this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz.
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how cute is that? >> yes. yes. >> it's washable. >> thank you. join us tonight at 9:00, that is cable channel 13, coming up, going out in style. the survivalists say bunkers going to save them from the end of the world, which is two day as way of course. >> crooks targeted parents, grandparents, now animal lovers. tonight the new angle you need to look out for. >> that is all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc 7 news. watch us now. because by friday, it's all over. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us i'm ama daetz. i'm larry beil. for shu. from the entire news team, good night, we'll see you at 9:00 and then, again at 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- an insurance office manager from newbury park, california... ...a financial manager from glen burnie, maryland... ...and our returning champion, an operations coordinator
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